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Its 2008!

Its 2008! Happy New Year! Vanilla bean cheese cake

I hope everyone has had a wonderful 2007. Mine kinda sucked, but that will change soon I hope. Nobody died, or became sick, and I didn't have my heart broken so it could have been so much worse. A big cup of hot chocolate or coffee, or tea or whatever drink comforts you and makes you feel cozy. The best way to start a year is relaxed. So please, don't be like me, sit on your as today! I have to go to Brett's uncle's farm for New Years Day 'dinner' (which is at 1pm in the afternoon). To do this I have to trek through huge piles of snow. I also am making the dinner rolls, garden salad, potato salad and dessert.  Dessert is pictured at right, at the top. It is a cranberry swirl vanilla bean cheese cake with shortbread crust. Topped with candied cranberries and a cranberry apple glaze. Yum. I love cheese cake. Except for the crust, its gluten free. It retrospect I should have made a pecan or almond crust. But oh New Years Eve Dinnerwell, no sense looking back on it now, Right?

Last night I made some really good "Chinese" food. I put the word Chinese in quotation marks because we all know that the average person living in China doesn't eat beef and broccoli and general Tso's (or Tsao's I see it spelled so many different ways) chicken with a side of steamed jasmine rice. And since I'm photo happy today, you can see what my dinner looked like last night at right, bottom photo. I usually don't eat that much meat, but Brett went crazy at the grocery store and I figured it was New Years so whatever. Anyway, that is it for me today. Unless I have something to complain about later you'll be hearing from me tomorrow. Cheers!

Shauna's New Years Resolutions:

1. To stop using so many exclamation marks in my journal. What am I, 12?

2. To eat healthier, which isn't that big of a deal since normally I'm pretty healthy. Its the snacks and the cheese cake that get me. Chocolate makes my clothes shrink. Hopefully broccoli has the opposite effect that chocolate does and stretches the clothes out the point where I need to buy new pants or else they'll fall off my chocolate filled ass.

3. To get a job

4. To grow the biggest tomato ever! That does deserve an exclamation mark. Sometimes exclamation marks are necessary. Emphasis on EVER. And it probably is not going to happen unless I decide organic gardening isn't for me. But I'll dream.

5. To get a hair cut. A real one. I'll need a job first so I can afford the cost. Those assholes charge me an extra $25 because I have long hair and another $25 because its so damn thick. That's on top of the $35 dollars they charge for a plain old hair cut. Its really expensive. Damn genetics. At least I won't go bald anytime soon, there is no way that all my hair could fall out, there is just too much of it, I'm starting to wonder if it grows on the inside of my skull as well.

6. To get a new house, so I can get a dog.

7. To convince Brett that cute little dogs are better because you can carry them around with you. I love golden retrievers and German shepherds etc. I've had a German shepherd, whom I loved to pieces, but I couldn't carry her about with me, and when she tried to sit in my lap (because she thought she was a small dog) I couldn't breathe. OOOH! Maybe I can convince him to let me obtain big dog AND a little dog. Eegads! That is a wonderful idea! Exclamation marks all around! Damn I suck at resolution #1.

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