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I thought dogs only did that!

I thought dogs only checked to make sure you were alive every 10 minutes if you decide to sleep on the couch.

Last night I couldn't sleep in bed anymore. Brett insists on having the fan running (and its a loud fan) and I can't sleep with noise. Normally I wear earplugs, but in my ear I have a big red sore (read: pimple, zit, what the hell is that doing in your ear??) and I couldn't wear my right earplug. So at about 2am, I still hadn't fallen asleep so I said 'screw that!' and went to sleep on the couch.

All was fine for about 1/2 an hour. I was just falling to sleep when a furry little black paw poked my nose and a furry little black kitten exclaimed 'mew?'. He got a head pat, which seemed to satisfy him and he went into the kitchen to kill another toy mouse. He's getting good at killing them and then shoving the lifeless body under the stove for softening (or something). Anyway, I settle back in, and just before I am asleep -- nose pat, "mew?". Another head pat and away he went. Now I'm a little annoyed. The third time he did it I was really annoyed. The fourth I stopped being annoyed and began to laugh. I thought dogs only made sure you were awake. Really. None of my other cats check up on me. And why poke my nose? He could have pawed my hair, or just peaked under the blanket, but oh no, he head to poke my nose. Silly little kitten. My old German Shepherd (i miss her so) used to un-burry me when I was ill to make sure I was okay. Its not fun having a 100lbs dog jump on your bed and yank all the covers off so she can lick your face until it dripped.


Speaking of kitten, Shinobi is getting bigger, but he's still very small for a cat. He's going to be a petit little fellow. Which is upsetting. I wanted a panther sized house cat so that when people dropped by unexpectedly he would run up and roar at them and they would yell 'Oh my god! What is that! I'm so scared! What are you feeding him!?' to which I would reply 'I feed him people who show up uninvited. At first they seem annoying, but then you realize what a great source of protein they are."

I guess we can't always have what we want.

He does run up to people when they show up unexpectedly but the high pitched excited 'mew! mew! mew!' from a little fuzzy dude isn't frightening.


In other news, the gluten free cereal 'Perky O's" taste like cardboard. Gah. They're horrible. I'll have to make some gluten free muffins or buy some horrible rice krispy type things (I don't like rice krispy's) or something for breakfast. Perky's leave a nasty aftertaste. And they are fricking expensive. Damn you Perky O's! Damn you!
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