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Irk, Irk, Irk

You know it irks me a little when these companies I have been applying to re-post their job. I don't apply to jobs I don't think I can do well. Obviously these people thought they wouldn't give me a chance. So, instead of actually hiring me and having somebody already there doing the job well, they're going to look even further for somebody to meet their extremely limited criteria. I wasted a good hour writing that damn cover letter. That's an hour of my time I'll never get back.

I have news for you people who don't think I'm good enough for your job: people with degrees in life science don't also have a college diploma in logistics. You get one or the other. Not both. If you don't loosen up your requirements you'll never get somebody to fill your position.

Anyway, getting frustrated at the job market. I have an interview for a job on Tuesday. It only pays $16/ hour, its shift work and its only until August. Well, it would be experience in mammalian cell culture but the whole $28,000 a year doesn't thrill me much. Its at a local company that tests tobacco and tobacco related products for the industry. I have every intention of asking why they still do testing on tobacco products when its obvious that smoking kills. In a nice way of course. Its very curious that a business like this can still exist. Maybe they're trying to develop a strain of tobacco that doesn't contain carcinogens when burnt? HA HA HA HA HA! Thats just funny. Impossible***, and still funny.

Oh well, we'll see how it goes. Its only a 2-5 minute drive from my house -- I can't walk there because the city decided sidewalks beside an extremely busy road were not necessary, so they put a ditch in place of the sidewalks. I'd probably only have to fill up my car once, maybe twice a month. Although walking in the spring/summer would be perfect if I wasn't afraid of a transport truck running me over while doing 80km/hour.

Can you tell I'm in a very pessimistic mood without looking at my 'Current Mood' setting within this post?

** Explanation for non-scientists: everything organic is carcinogenic if you burn and inhale. Inhaling tobacco smoke will never be good for you. Never. Even blueberries or lettuce, which are both excellent for your nutrition will cause cancer if you decide to smoke them dried on a regular basis. Marijuana will cause lung cancer if you smoke it too often. I don't care what the other health benefits are, you will be inhaling crap if you smoke an organic. Thankfully people don't smoke a pack of joints a day, so their lungs can clean themselves, but if they were to smoke a pack of joints a day: Yup! Cancer. Bottom line: Don't smoke anything. Smoking is bad.
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